SMART Goals: Improving Performance Management

When setting a performance objective, assigning a job or chartering a project, it is vital that the Manager clearly articulates the goals and expectations for the project. A bit of time on this at the outset, Smart Paraphrasing Tool will help reduce possible confusion and missed outcomes. The best way to attempt is by developing S. Meters. A. Third. T. Goals.

S. Meters. A. Third. T. Goals are:

* Specific
* Measurable
* Achievable
* Relevant
* Time-Bound

These descriptions can be understood as follows updates indicate:

The specified outcome is described in sufficient detail with real precision and clarity. There is no ambiguity or confusion

Appropriate metrics and standards have been developed and discussed. They are visible and quantifiable.

The project has a reasonable expectation of being successful. It may be a stretch-goal, but it is not unrealistic.

There is a direct and sometimes shocking connection from the organization to the project to the employee. The employee understands their role and importance.

The Due date and any related milestones have been identified. In may instances, the more important the undertaking, the shorter the timeline is.

The Manager always should ensure that the goals are understood properly. In order to ascertain such confirmation, ask the employee to express in his or her own words the understanding of all of the S. Meters. A. Third. T. Goal’s elements. Paraphrasing is the best techniques to confirm that there is a common understanding.

This process will help create the pre-requisite conditions for obligation and performance enhancement. It is a tool worth practising.

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