PUA Texting: How to Engage Women

I was recently browsing a Seddit twine when I found a question about PUA texting. What I learned is that, even in 2014, men still fear texting+.  lol reddit It makes sense, all that amazing connection you experienced face-to-face is now limited to littles 0’s and 1’s flying into her mobile phone. To say text is a limited medium would be an understatement. To say it would be a game killer is rationalizing your lack of understanding.

Really text isn’t about getting her to that you, you need to have accomplished that before you parted ways when you met*. In this article I’ll explain why we use text game, what it’s purpose is and give you examples of texts you can use to regenerate a dying conversation.

Let’s talk about how to text women & keep them engaged.

The Three Elements To Solid Text Game

Before we even get to texting, I want to take the time to acknowledge the three elements to get the best possible results. These are:

Sexual Tension
Appreciation & Acknowledgement (Qualification)
These are the pillars to presenting her want to keep the interaction going, with the sexual tension exciting her, the text making it deeper than surface attraction and you proving higher value by focusing on who she is, not how she looks.

Mastering these is beyond the scope of this article, but I guarantee if you aren’t getting texts back then you’re out of conjunction in one of these three areas.

Timing & Frequency
Timing is extremely important in our modern age, wait too long and you’re forgotten about. Get in lenders faces and no one wants anything to do with you. The hotter a lady, the more things she’s got going on. You need to get straight into her life and grow a fixture today fast.

Text in the mail, waiting three days is for those who are too needy. Your subsequent texts can match the speed of her texts, this is an easy rule to make sure you’re calibrated. If you and her are texting forward and backward frequently then you can call her and break away from texting to set up to start a date.

How much & Dead Air
Many guys get stuck in the more is better paradigm. When we are texting, we should shoot for quality content over quantity. Texting too much allows you to too available, it diminishes deficiency. Instead consider removing yourself from texting on a high point and leave her hanging for a few hours. You just got busy and had stuff to do other than text her.

Get yourself valuable and scarce and she will want to go out with you just so she can get your attention. That is a powerful position for you to be in.

Truly this is where most men slip up, we need to avoid boring conversation and keep it emotionally engaging, we talked about taking care of the three main elements before getting the number earlier. If you did then all you need to do is keep her emotionally engaged. Her emotions tied to your meeting reduce without that emotional activation. It’s the same for all of us, over time we retain memories, but the feelings go away and women trust their feelings.

The swiftest way to take up a conversation is to tease her, accuse her of something silly, tell her she’s buying you dinner to prove that chivalry isn’t dead. The tease doesn’t matter, all that matters is how engaging it is and that emotional stimulation is the conversational lube.

Once you understand that you can switch between teasing, being sexual and fooling with her HARD. The more expensive kids of emotions she feels, the more compelling you become. This can be a scary process if you don’t know what one does. Sometimes I have to fight for my students to be awesome because they worry so much about forced it:

Dave: Text her: “I just met your twin”

Student: She responded with… “Haha not a chance, where were you? inches

Dave: Nice. Tell her, “That’d be telling, also I’m convinced you’re the evil one. inches

Student: She hasn’t already texted back yet.

Dave: That’s OK, just wait.

Student: OK, she just texted “Shh don’t tell anyone. inches

Dave: Lol. Good response on her part.

Student: Yeah… What’s my next move sensei

Dave: Thinking on it

Dave: I’m thinking “You know, it’s probably because your last boyfriend didn’t spank you hard enough. inches

Student: I say that?!

Student She could think all I want to do is sleep with her though.

Dave: You got it, we want to observe she could respond to sexual texts. It’s a good indicator of where she is at.

Dave: To be fair, you do.

Student: No, I’m looking for a girlfriend.

Dave: Ah, should have explained. The more you like a lady the faster you should sleep with her.

Student: Lol.

Student: OK, she responded with: “Oh really? I’ve found I respond better with rewards rather than punishment. inches


Student: Can i still ask her if we are getting Pad Thai tonite?

Dave: No!

Dave: Give her a call

Dave: Charm her

Dave: Then invite her out

Student: Call her?!

Student: Didn’t pick up

Dave: Ah. Shame. Give it several hours then we’ll start texting again.

Student: She wrote: “I’m concluding some work right now can i call you in a bit? inches

Student: And I’ll play basketball and get lunch.

Dave: You can leave it alone and we’ll re-assess after lunch

Student: OK ty

Student: OK can i txt her?

Dave: Yea. Tell her you bought finished playing bball and can call her when she’s available.

Student: Hey, so she called me and I’m picking her up at 7!

I love this example because it demonstrates the students fear of’ making ‘the wrong move’, which forces him to be like every other guy. Most guys weary her to death, they stay in a very small area of behavior, all of it predictable. We want to vary, we want to be a challenge.

The final thing I want to say about content is to keep it brief, if you can say it in one or two words then do that. Writing long messages shows you’re more invested then she is. KISS : Keep It Simple Silly.

Text Openers
As corresponding, here are a list of simple openers you can use to get a girl texting you, credit given where credit is born:

I just now met your twin… (Credit Savoy)
I found a rose on my house… you?
The authorities are looking for a good-looking guy and a retard… They got me, grab your crayons and run!
This is your phone company, the vibrate function is not meant to be applied the that.
I just now want you to know, I used to be modest… but now I’ve labored on it, I’m perfect.
These five should start things going and if you have any of your own good ones then please leave them in the comments below, there was want to share and grow our list of awesome messages and stop men from fearing the texts ever again.

Dates or Day 2’s!
Remember that the goal is to see her face-to-face, always text and move things forward from that perspective. Whenever you aren’t sure how to proceed remember you want to meet up with her. Think what would bring you closer to that goal and never send a pointless text, you have no reason to. If it takes hours to create a great text then wait the three hours.

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