How to polish the headlights of your car in 5 steps

Do you need to polish the headlights of your car? On many occasions when we talk about the headlights of our car, the safety aspect rarely comes up. They are responsible for our lighting, and with lighting we say see and be seen. Its deterioration questions the safety of our car and we will know how to polish the headlights of our car in 5 simple steps.

Why do our headlights deteriorate?

To understand what happens to our headlights we must first analyze why they deteriorate. With deterioration we do not mean glass breakage, but rather its loss of transparency that results in loss of efficiency. It may not be so problematic at present, but when the crystals became completely transparent protectors, many ended up whitish or yellowish.

What symptoms are there?

There are three ways to detect that our headlights are damaged . For the most clueless, it is probably in the ITV when the shift operator indicates that our headlights have a problem. And the problem will bounce right into our wallet, because defective lighting is a fault.

What consequences does it have?

The consequences of deteriorated glass are, without going any further, a loss of lighting efficiency. As we mentioned before, it can be a problem when passing the ITV , but it can also be a penalty if the deterioration is excessive.

Beyond the economic repercussion that it can suppose, it is a danger for ourselves, because our poor lighting will not illuminate the road or the signaling correctly. In addition, the headlights serve to see and be seen, so other road users, whether cars or pedestrians and cyclists, may not see us and cause some kind of accident .

How to solve it?

In the same way that there are different ways of detecting the problem, there are other ways to solve it. The first one is the fastest and most effective, but also the most expensive: change the headlight. In this way we will have a new optics but it will mean disbursing the price of a new headlight , which is not cheap, but the workforce if we do not do it. Moreover, it may not be enough to replace a lighthouse, so the price and labor of another lighthouse will have to be added. If you are unable to solve this problem, buy car headlights from Trims pk.

What materials to use to polish headlights?

To polish our headlights we can choose to buy a specific kit that some stores sell and that arrives with the materials and instructions. Or do it on our own making us with the following material:

Masking tape

  • 400, 1,000 and 2,000 grit sandpaper
  • Variable speed drill
  • Rag that does not leave lint
  • Wool discs
  • Liquid polish with silicones
  • Water

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