American Idol Ratings This season

American Idol is known for its dominance in the networks ratings. This current season, though, is turning out to be a bit of a disappointment as far as numbers. With some stiff competition and a slow start this season, American Idol is looking to boost its ratings as it heads into the ladies’ big solo night. The men didn’t draw a stellar crowd; can the women do any better?

Drop in Ratings

American Idol has long enjoyed a dominant spot at the top of the ratings. Since its first season debut in 2002, this show has become one of the most popular and followed reality Tv shows in history. Fox bolstered this show as its big money winner when it came to advertising and air time. watch big bang theory online For one of the first times in the history of the show, however, the ratings are dropping. This past week, when the men took the stage for their big solos, Idol lost to CBS’s Big Bang Theory, bringing in 9. 9 million viewers to Bang’s more than 14 million. Why the sudden drop? There could be a few things at play. NBC premiered its much anticipated Community (back after a long hiatus) and ABC’s Scandal took away some watches as well.

Pump up the Drama

American Idol now has some heavy hitters it has to share screen time with. As they head into the women’s big showdown they will need to bring in some larger numbers to keep things competitive. Last week’s big ‘spat’ between judges Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj was promoted as a ‘must-see’ but was edited down to almost nothing in the actual episode. To get the ratings to spike they need to promo something big and then deliver in the next episode.

Bring it Home

The women’s songs can bring in the big bucks. The have the diva factor and can be a little more dramatic than the men. If Fox promotes this show right they can boost their ratings for the next weeks show. The overall ratings took a ten percent dip from the first show of the season. To get back on top, American Idol will have to cover some ground but they’ve been able to do it in previous seasons. Let the ladies bring it home. American Idol is used to being a big draw for Fox advertisers. They need to set the tone for the rest of season and really bring home the big numbers.

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